Why AQUA ANSTAN electronic scale prevention units?

  • Only AQUA ANSTAN supplies a full unique system which has a capability not equaled by competitors.
  • The heart of the AQUA ANSTAN is an alternating digital pulse constantly ranging across a 20 kHz frequency and varying in strength.
  • AQUA ANSTAN can be used in any application where scale fouling occurs. Besides the prevention of scale formation, existing scale is also removed.
  • AQUA ANSTAN is effective against any form of scaling problem, and will prevent scale build up and/or remove existing scale.
  • AQUA ANSTAN design life is twenty years which is being exceeded in existing applications.
  • AQUA ANSTAN is an easy retrofit as installation of the units is non-intrusive.
  • No maintenance required on the AQUA ANSTAN
  • AQUA ANSTAN a very successful product which offers a full money back guarantee
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